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Founded in 2011 by owner and head coach Lee Williams, Team Fusion began as a small basketball club with only a few humble members. Originally known as "El Paso Fusion", the club first hit the hardwood with a skeleton crew of players ready to establish themselves as a determined basketball club for women. Over the years, the group gradually evolved into a structured club with a larger group of female athletes and a professional coaching staff. Today, the club has reached a legitimate "club-level" organization that offers young ladies a way to get involved and pursue the active sport of basketball. The team currently consists of 30+ girls and a staff of 9 members consisting of coaches, physical trainers, physicians and administrators. In 2014, their name officially changed to "Team Fusion" and the Fusion influence now reaches deep into parts of Texas and New Mexico. The team consistently strives to grow and improve, and continues to invite new members.


Regular training throughout the season is provided to the members by a professional staff of coaches, trainers and physicians. Events and tournaments are scheduled for competition among other teams in Texas, New Mexico and surrounding states. The club acts as a preparation for young girls to compete on a level that will enable them to transition from high school into collegiate levels of basketball.

Shattering Stereotypes

Women's basketball has always followed in the shadows of men's basketball. Most people are familiar with socially constructed roles, and the usual roles that women have played don't naturally bring the sport of basketball to mind. That notion did not slow down Coach Lee Williams, as he always realized that the sport of basketball was a legitimate sport that could offer young women a way to distinguish themselves. Coach Williams knew from the very beginning that his dream of a women’s basketball club would have to include shattering the typical stereotypes of women in basketball. He accomplished this by inspiring each team member to apply herself to a regular training schedule that would require a commitment to hard work and discipline, thus creating a pathway to higher levels of competition.

Today, the Fusion girl is a girl that can easily show that she is a conditioned athlete on the court and a very capable individual off the court. The Fusion athlete consistently proves that she is a well-rounded individual who can act as a team player, offering something to the competitive nature of good sportsmanship.

Modern Women's Basketball . . . The Fusion Athlete

Women's basketball has come a long way over the years. Although perceptions among some have not changed much, women's basketball has gained more respect than ever as there are more teams and tournaments around the world.

Stereotypes will always exist, but just ask a modern Fusion girl what type of girl can
go one-on-one with a guy,.. "Any Fusion girl on our team,. That's Who!"

Britney Molina - Fusion Alumni The Fusion athlete comes in every size, shape and color, and they all share the same passion and purpose for the competitive sport of basketball. As a new team member, you will be expected to meet the same physical challenges as every girl on the team, as well as the requirement to face your own unique challenges. Team Fusion is not for every girl, it takes a girl who is ready to accept a challenge and experience the energy of the Fusion spirit. That energy and spirit is kept alive by it's new members.

Team Fusion welcomes you!.. Put your dream into action and join today! »

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