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A Sports Website

Sports Website

EpFusion.com is a sports website that was designed to represent an athletic club in El Paso Texas. More specifically, it describes and promotes the sport of woman's basketball, and includes schedules, rosters, photos, sigh-up forms and events.


The code used to build this site is HTML and was built with a simple HTML editor. The simple coding techniques and design are intended to aid you in your use and navigation of this site. We hope you will find it informative, fun and easy to use, and of course, we hope it will encourage you to come join us!

Hosting & Domain

The HTML files and domain name for EpFusion.com are owned by Lee Williams. The hosting provider and domain registrar is GoDaddy.

Site Mission

Itís a well-known fact that modern sports isn't just for pleasure anymore, itís an industry dominated by money-minded promoters, vendors, team owners and networks. To those athletes that find their niche and figure out how to play the game, they are able to find fantastic fortunes in a league or venue that will promote their physical talent. However, Team Fusion is not a professional organization, and does not encourage their team participants to follow this modern-day lure of lucrative contracts offered up by ruthless sponsors, recruiters and league owners. Instead, Team Fusion encourages and promotes the sport of womanís basketball by teaching good ethics and sportsmanship.


Many sports websites today are filled with banner advertisements and sponsored links. Often, these sponsored links are connected to promotional ads that are "junked-up" with dynamic code functions designed to download adware and spyware onto your computer's hard drive. EpFusion.com is an honest website that simply informs and promotes the sport of basketball. During your visitation at this site, you will NOT experience any spam advertisements or malicious code that is designed to spy and gather information on you. There will NOT be any cookies installed on your computer, and we DO NOT track and collect information based on your key-strokes.


As long as a particular sport offers a positive aspect, every team owner, coach and athlete needs an impressive website. EpFusion.com provides the main design features that matter in modern sport web design. If you need a sports website, you should consider an informative, fun and colorful website with an easy-to-use navigational system. The links should be intuitive and highly visible, providing visitors a way to easily navigate through relevant content:

  • frequently asked questions (FAQ pages)
  • up-to-date information page for meetings, competition and events
  • photo gallery of players, coaches, trainers and team members
  • tutorials, articles, sports news
  • downloadables
  • sign-up form
  • contact page for address, business hours and phone

A well-designed sports website will convey to aspiring athletes that you are a qualified coach who will effectively train and prepare athletes for competition. If you have any questions about a sports website for your organization, please contact the webmaster » ..

Team Fusion, El Paso TX. (915) 203-4945

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