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Fusion Beginnings . . .

Team Fusion has come from humble beginnings. In 2012 with only 3 players we began for to lock in and focus on implementing the fundamentals of the game with a focus on building a brand of basketball that could translate to any court in the nation. Even before the Fusion name came into fruition, our focus was finding an identity.

A year and a half of research with regards to building a brand, traveling to the right tournaments, Club and organizational Bylaws, bank accounts, fundraising etc were just some of the important details into creating an atmosphere where kids could thrive and develop on and off the court. Empowering young women who could possibly change their lives as well as others. The over use of the word Family has become a fad. Our goal is to actually showing parents, kids, coaches and communities a true sense of the word family.

Team Fusion has produced and assisted in the recruitment of over 20 athletes. There have been several that have never suited up for Team Fusion but has ask for help in furthering the chances of playing at the next level for various schools across the country.

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